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Thread: Carol's House Build Thread

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    So happy for you. Btw i love snoopy good image choice.

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    The next step is in place. The civil engineer finished the plat map. I have a meeting with the structural engineer next Wednesday in Chandler, AZ. He determines my design can be practically built (meaning it may be subject to change) and then he can draw the plans for the permit to be submitted to the county. This is the structural engineer for the panel company I am using.

    Things are moving and I am most grateful. Gotta get this done before the summer FWW gathering at my house. Yep! It's still on.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is awesome Carol!

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    Love SIP construction.
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    Great news, Carol! Somehow I suspect the structural engineer won't need to make any significant changes to your design. You tend to think things through pretty completely.
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