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Thread: Why you don't stand behind the Table Saw.

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    Why you don't stand behind the Table Saw.

    Saw this video on wimp, good reminder of "Safety First"
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    Wow! Definitely a good reminder.
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    WOW! Thanks for that, one of those picture is worth a thousand words things.
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    Yep that is way I am not a big fan of table saws, I'll use it, but only if I have too, if there is any other way to make an good cut, I'll use it before a table saw. At least this guy didn't do it on purpose like that idiot that did the video awhile back that made his TS kick back on purpose (just to make a video) and came oh so close to cutting off his hand. Maybe we need to make a sticky and put all these reminder videos in just for the TS, but for all our equipment...have to admit I have slung some stuff around off my router table in the past, scares the bejesus out of you when that happens

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    My toolbox is located against the wall directly behind my table saw. There is a large dent in it that reminds me daily of the dangers of kickback!

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    Our shop teacher drilled it in our heads "Stand left of the blade!". The floor was also painted red where you were not to stand. Still saw several kids get kicked in the gut with wider pieces of plywood as they weren't holding it all that firm.

    I've only had one close kickback. Luckily I had got in the habit of hooking a finger or two over the fence and my hand didn't go with the board. Was due to a really dull blade on an old employer's saw. We started changing that blade a little more often and never had another issue.

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    During one misspent summer in my youth, I worked in a factory that made moldings for mobile homes.

    My job was to help another guy break down big pieces of wood into smaller pieces of wood using a gang rip saw that looked like this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    He worked on the side pushing the wood in and I worked on the side pulling it off and stacking it based on the width of the piece.

    These boards were like 20' long if I remember correctly. Every now and then one of the strips of wood would 'catch' and get thrown backwards at an impressive speed and it would cross the entire distance from the saw to where the wood was stacked up (maybe 30'-40') in a blink of an eye.

    If you had a hold of the piece when it decided to go backwards it was very exciting.

    It was even more exciting for the guy that was pushing the wood into the machine. He told me that one time he had one of the thin cut off pieces from the side go all the way through his hand.
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    I've always stood to one wide of the work. Seen a few kickbacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    I've always stood to one wide of the work. Seen a few kickbacks.
    Me too now.... I've had my reminder as to why it's not a good place to stand... fortunately it was a small piece of wood, hit a little higher up, but at first I thought I was going to be a permanent soprano. I think I did speak in a little higher voice for a day or two. Nasty bruise.
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    My first experience with a table saw, I was trying to cross-cut some pieces to size using the fence for a guide. First piece caught and came back hitting me in the gut. I was down on the floor for several minutes before realizing what had happened. Couple lessons: a table saw is for cutting with the grain; there is a reason why it is called a rip fence. And, as shown: never stand directly behind the blade and work area.
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