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Thread: Recycled Tool Containers

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    Recycled Tool Containers

    OK we all know the old Coffee can for the workshop, or the Jam jars with the lids screwed onto the bottom of a shelf, but I'm sure there are a ton of other containers that have found a second life in the workshop and serve you well. I'd encourage everyone to share their finds here on this thread.

    Here is one I've found recently.

    It's summer, it's hot out, so of course people are eating ice cream etc.

    One of the joys of owning your own building across the street from a convinced store is that you always seem to have to pick up other people's garbage.

    Well I found this little gem the other day....

    The container was empty, but it used to contain basically grape juice flavoured ice cubes.

    The top screws on/off easily and seems to be air tight.

    After I washed it out and removed the label I have a slick little container

    it is about 1-1\4" in diameter and almost 6" deep.

    Just add some white hockey tape to write on and there you go, simple easy containers that I can use for a variety of things.

    OK I hope to see some more examples of this kind of thing.

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    I use yellow hot chocolate containers for biscuits for my biscuit joiner also in the pic you may be able to see large cake pan to hold smaller containers. I never use glass containers for anything in the shop.
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