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Thread: Why Cant access "About Transtint Dye"

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    Why Cant access "About Transtint Dye"

    I can access any page but the one "About Transtint Dye". I can go to the page but not reply.I can on all the other s I checked. Why is this.I was needing to read this as I am debating on some dyes myself.

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    You didn't say what site your were trying to find it on, but this link will get you some info:
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    Lines 1 & 6 here should help clear the confusion...set-up more for an info location than a discussion type thread....hope that helps...if you have questions/thoughts, starting a new thread in the 'finishing school' sub-forum would be a good start.
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    Ok I see now/I wanted to reply or discuss about the Transtint dye.Thanks!!!!3

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