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Thread: Thanks Allen Bookout!

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    Thanks Allen Bookout!

    I was looking at Allen's thread "Assembly Table Completed" a while back.

    The Hydraulic Lift Table cart he used is one I have been thinking about for over a year. I never would have thought of making a great table for it like Allen did.
    The main problem with the cart was the height of lift. I need it for sliding heavy objects on and off taller worktables.
    I got my Harbor Freight catalog Tuesday and saw the table in it but didn't look very closely.
    Last night I was thumbing through a Northern Tool catalog and ran across these tables. One of them had TWO pairs of scissors and would raise to the extra height I needed. The bummer was, it was $399.99

    Well-l-l-l-l-l, I picked up the Harbor Freight catalog again and saw that the table listed this time was the same one I was looking at in the Northern Tool catalog but for $299.99 .
    I looked up the item number on line and damn if they didn't have it on sale for $269.00!
    Problem was, by the time I would pay the regular shipping, $50 freight fee and lift gate fee it was another $150.00.

    Table size 35-1/2''L x 20''W
    Lifting range: 13-1/2'' to 50-1/4''
    Maximum load capacity: 770 lbs.
    Ball bearing casters: 5'' hard rubber
    Weight: 233 lbs.

    My best friend in Jacksonville was totally thrilled at my phone call at 1AM, I know because he was able to use ALL of his favorite words.
    He got the table on order today, (It is a special order item) and it will be here in a week. He won't be able to bring it out for two weeks.
    Harbor Freight gave no trouble accepting the printed sale from the net.

    This table cranks up to 4' 2-1/4". I can even hang my new cabinets by myself with this thing!
    Rest assured, I will use Allen's idea for a nice tabletop for it that I can hang on a wall.

    With tax it was $288 by the time I give my friend $20 for gas, I saved Bunch-A-Bucks.

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    Thanks Don! I think that will come in real handy for you. I sure owe you more than just a little information.

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