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Thread: My ARN Woodshop - Out of storage and into the shop.

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    My ARN Woodshop - Out of storage and into the shop.

    Hi there
    I thought I would share my progress on my woodshop. I have been working on the shop and have relocated most of the machines from storage and into the shop. I have a long way to go but thought others might enjoy seeing the progress so far.
    Since a picture is worth a thousand words I thought I would post a video. Is that worth more??


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, Rob! You have some great old machinery there and well on your way to a nice setup. Looking forward to the updates as you continue the process.

    Welcome to the forum and keep the pics and videos coming

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    Wow that's a SHOP. Are you into professional work? Makes me look like a wimp.
    Best of luck. Welcome to the forum. Pictures are nice.

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    Welcome to the family Rob! I'll do some catching up on the videos later, but looks like a great work space you have there.

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    I will also watch the videos later

    Welcome to the forum

    That's quite a shop there.

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    Welcome aboard, Rob. That's an amazing collection of 'arn' you've got going on. Glad you found us.

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    SWEEEEEEET! So many great machines. I like your taste!

    - Hutch

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    Took mea while to get around to watching this, but man, you've got a nice collection of toys.
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