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Thread: vendor second chances?

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    vendor second chances?

    I had a interesting thought on my own behaviour the other day. I had bought a magazine + t-shirt combination from a new vendor (intentionally unnamed) mostly as a show of support as I kind of liked what they were doing.

    I got the magazine, but never got the t-shirt (they were having some delivery issues so kind of back burnered it, then kind of forgot about it for a few months until it was pretty late to complain). Not a huge deal in and of itself.

    However, a while later I saw they were selling a kit of some other stuff that looked like a pretty good deal, was considering plunking down the money but then remembered "hey I never got my dang t-shirt".

    Now I'm quite sure if I had contacted them back when it happened they'd have made the t-shirt deal right.. So its at least partially my fault. I also didn't buy the other kit, just sort of from a knee jerk reaction.

    So I'm curious how "generous" you all are with this sort of thing. I'm also interested in your reasoning (so don't feel bounded by the poll, like all polls its just a broad set of inaccurate choices).

    More interesting for you folks doing selling.. how many of your customers never "got their t-shirt"? How would you ever know?
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    Burn me once, shame on them. Burn me twice, shame on me! You danged sure ain't gonna get a third chance. If it is a worthwhile charity, I hear they can get a little bit overwhelmed by things at times and a lot of the stuff is run by volunteers. So, I will give them usually that other chance. But, no more. If I get burned by them twice, they will definitely know about it. And, I am not known for being politically correct, either. Actually as silly as it sounds, Ryan. I'd contact them about the t shirt. You might be surprised. I'm sure you are not the only one that the ball got dropped on.

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    It depends.

    People make mistakes, sometimes more that once. I know I do.

    If I am doing business with a person or business there is usually a person that I interact with. That person will generally give me a personality of the business.

    Comcast for example is well known for their business customer support, and that shows in the declining model of their business. I still have comcast internet, but would switch off if there was a viable solution that would suit my needs. Comcast is one very strong reason I don't have a TV connection. Sooo, I would say very frequently.

    Satellite TV, Dish, Direct, same as Comcast.

    Sears is another. I don't do business with Sears any longer. I used to be there for everything. Clothes, tools, appliances, tires, car batteries.

    There there are some good ones. At Olive Garden one time we had a bad experience and talked to the manager. She was more than helpful and made us feel good. We will go back.

    Just recently my EBAY purchase. Full refund and keep the product, even though the product was not as advertised. I would buy from them again.

    Amazon. They seem to always make it right, but will occasionally get it wrong. I will continue with them.

    Sooo - it depends.

    Yeah I will always give a chance to make it right. Usually the vendor is the one to answer the question, but I do give a chance.

    Of course if the vendor is adamant, No, no more chances - and you do NOT want to be on that side of Leo.

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    Yeah, I got to thinking about this some when I was talking to a buddy who owns a pub about improving repeat customer retention.

    The question that came up in my mind was how many people never complain but also never go back and/or tell their friends when they "didn't get their t-shirt". I'm using the t-shirt as a good example of something of relatively low value that doesn't really matter that much.. but still left a bit of an off impression. I guess the restaurant analogy would be "the salad dressing wasn't very good".. heh.

    I probably should mail them, not doing so is an internal fault (but one I'm kind of curious how widespread it is).
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    I voted frequently... when I have reached a state of perfection, then I will expect others to have reached the same state... until then, if it's something I consider significant, I will notify the vendor and let them rectify the situation... only if they don't make any effort will I pass them
    by and go another route. Most of the time, I've found that people will make effort to correct and make amends.
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    Good question.
    I'm an extremely loyal customer as long as I'm treated fairly and my business seems to matter with the vendor. Quite often I am willing to pay higher prices if I have a positive relationship with them.

    If I have a problem and the vendor is rude and/or unwilling to make the situation right I will never buy from them again.

    By the way I have Direct TV. I seldom have any problems with my reception or hardware but they are always very helpful. Today my DVR kicked the bucket and Direct TV was there within hours to install a new one for free. Dish Network was a nightmare much like Comcast. I don't think anyone could make me switch.

    I'd give your vendor another chance if I called them an reminded them about my tee shirt and got a sincere apology from them.
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    Put me in Bobs camp. Its a question of fairness. Mistakes are made across the board and will be as long as humans are involved and even when they not.

    How the mistake is remedied i think is the key.

    I think in your example the issue is they know they made a mistake in not supplying the t shirt because they had a shortage of stock. The t shirt was part of the order. That should have been seen to as a priority to fulfill.
    I see it as different to let's say you ordering two separate items and them forgetting one and being unaware of not having packed it.

    But in the same sense of fairness you should let them know and have a chance to make it right.

    There are many things your buddy can do at the pub to improve customer retention. But thats another subject.

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    depends on past experience with the vendor

    When a new vendor drops the ball they have botched every order I ever made from them! They are going to have to really impress me with the way they deal with the issue or I am another one who believes, "Mess things up once, vendor's fault. If I go back for seconds . . . ."

    When I have an established relationship with someone and they handle the mistake in a reasonable manner I am much more inclined to overlook it.

    I can also look on this from the vendor's point of view. I had a moderately busy storefront type business selling used auto parts. That was my primary business but I also had a wrecker service, a mechanic shop, usually one or two more automotive related business. Most operating out of the same building complex but some at one of several different locations, one across town, one twelve miles away. Needless to say, most days I was moving around a lot and had to rely on other people to run things properly when I wasn't available. This worked pretty well because everyone knew the customer was always right, except when he was wrong!

    Real issues might have been one transaction in a thousand if that many. Normally any issue was taken care of tout de suite, and to the customer's satisfaction. However, it seemed like the odds were about one in three that if a customer had a legitimate complaint it would be someone that had a problem before. This isn't talking about people that wouldn't be pleased if you hung them with a new rope, I'm talking legitimate problems each time. One poor customer had a very legitimate gripe, three times in a row! Not the same thing, but still three real issues in a row. What are the odds? All I could do is apologize as I refunded the gentleman's money and tell him if the shoe was on the other foot I'd quit dealing with someone that I had that many headaches with too!


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    I voted rarely, but it really depends. If a new to me vendor blows it, I am less likely to give them another chance. If a long time vendor does it, I am more lenient. First impressions are hard to get over.

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    I currently have a vendor that I'm waiting on some supplies from, order was put in 3 weeks ago and not one response/update from them. Their site said that they usually have orders out in 3 to 4 weeks, but I was ordering parts, so didn't think it would be that long. I sent an inquiry last week and was given the "We've had a large amount of orders and it's taking a while" response. After looking at reviews for the vendor, it seems to be a trend, they are just slow at processing and customer service. Now if the parts arrive in the 3 to 4 week and are worth the wait, I'll probably order again as their prices were good.

    I was chatting with someone about my amazon orders, I've had several hundred orders from them each year for the past few years, looking back at my history and I had several years I didn't order from them, and the previous year I had issues with an order, obviously they had lost my confidence in them, but eventually they improved.

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