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Thread: Making Pulley Wheels from Plastic

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    Making Pulley Wheels from Plastic

    I have picked up a router crafter and need to make a replacement plastic 2 1/4" pulley...I saw a link where a guy took a hole saw and cut 3 plastic disks.One was a little smaller than the other 2. He used a drill bit with a 1/4" bit.He sandwiched the small disk between the 2 larger ones and pop riveted the 3 together.I need to know where I can find some 1/8 or so plastic and what is the best kind or right type of plastic?

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    If you are willing to pay the price, usually reasonable Mcmaster Carr is always a good choice. They have almost every sheet good available in 1 foot square sizes and many in bars. Iv you can use 1/4 inch PVC send me your email or PM me your address. I'll give you enough..

    also you can find most sheet plastics on Ebay at from good to extremely high prices.

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    A sign shop should have sheets of PVC, which will work well for the low-speed pulley you need. Since you need such a small amount, they might even let you raid their scrap barrel.
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    Thanks Guys.Im in thnking mode right

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    McMaster also has a variety of pullys

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    beds bath beyond has poly cutting boards that may work.
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