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Thread: Making a Handle?

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    Making a Handle?

    I have a tool someone made for me.The tang from the handle end to the beginning of the cutting tool is 6" long.The width of this piece is 7/8". It is 3/8" thick. I thought about grinding an equal amount off of each side but dont want want to do this.I thought about taking 2 pieces of wood and routing a groove in each piece so that the tool would fit snugly in it but I think this would end up being a bigger handle than I want.Im scratching my head on this and dont have a whole lot of time to put in to this as my schedule is jam packed to say the least...Rather be using the tool...Thanks for any help !!!.

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    Why not drill a couple of holes in the handle and rivet a piece of wood on each side? A couple of pictures might help.

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    That does seem awfully large for a tang. Must be a pretty beefy tool!

    I was thinking a piece of pipe, sticking the tang in it and filling with epoxy might do the job? That would be fairly quick and simple anyway as well as being plenty skookum. A bit of tape wrap around the pipe makes it a bit nicer to handle.
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    Ryan he says 3/8" thick, i reckon thats something that needs a decent tang.

    Is this tool a chisel like a mortise chisel.

    Pictures would help.

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