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Thread: Kitchen Concept

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    Kitchen Concept

    Well, I think Diane and I are pretty much settled in on a design concept.

    Good old Home Depot spend 2 plus house with me talking about a kitchen design. I like it and so does Diane. Of course they don't know I plan to build it myself.

    The picture is seriously distorted. The wall with the frig and window is 192" long and the wall to the left is 102". The island is distorted equally the same.

    I do have fully measured detailed drawings and a full mental idea as to what to do.

    Just looking at it a little more - I think I like the "no molding" around the window also.

    My floor does not look like that either.

    Eventually I will go with Corian tops but temporary will be formica.

    We will be all natural Cherry.

    The island is wrapped in raised panels and corbels. Microwave is built into the island.

    The Thomasville cabinets that Home Depot carries are of a decent quality. Wood drawers, not plywood. No particle board at all. All full extension soft close doors and drawers. All nice stuff. I would say all about same quality as I will build.

    Price = $21,000 No applainces, no plumbing, no installation except corian, no sink hardware - just the cabinets.

    I plan on replumbing the baseboard head and installing under cabinet heat, adding at least one more 20a, maybe 2 20a circuits, replumbing the dishwasher, replumbing the icemaker, adding an additional carbon water filter for the kitchen. All in all I think I am adding a value of $25-30k to the house.

    I have most of the materials I need to built the cabinets. Nice to know what it is worth.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is what it looks like now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have already removed a few old cabinets. Pretty much bare bones.
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    This is a project I will be watching. The best of luck in your endeavor. I know it will come out "perfect" .

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    Those angled corner cabinets are intriguing.. both the inside ones on the far left and the outside ones on the near left. Kitchen corners always seem to be the annoying bits, and both of those theories look like they have potential.

    That's a lot of island space, man imagine how many months of mail could pile up on that!!
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    I have made one corner cabinet from scratch - non cnc - and it was a royal pain.

    I plan to use the CNC as much as possible on these cabinets.

    I am thinking this is a 2-3 year long project. Will be done in stages. When I have ambition and when I do not.

    Gonna finish yard work and Starlight building #1 first.

    To start:
    I need to replumb the baseboard heaters then build the cabinets around the frig and up to the stove. Then I will buy an electric stove and wire that in.

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    That will be nice. I tried to get a professional kitchen designer to just do the design/layout for the kitchen in our last house. Then the idea was I would build the cabinets, and have them installed. Never got past step one, every listing for kitchen cabinets around me was places that sold stock cabinets, and they used software to simply fill in the space available with those stock cabinets. Not what I wanted, but we've since moved and that approach may be just the ticket for the current kitchen. But it looks like you got some actual design done with yours...nice!
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    Fred, yes, my same thoughts exactly.

    They ALL sell stock cabinets. I did NOT say I was building, but I did say I was installing.

    I settled on the design using the stock cabinets but I don't need to build exactly the same.

    I just wanted the design.

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    Is that VCT over pegged hardwood floors? Do you know how far those floors go?
    I am a bit off (been sick in bed for several days), but did you really mean undercabinet heat? Problem with water lines freezing or something?

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