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Thread: Shop/storage building finshed

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    Shop/storage building finshed

    Now I have to do the interior. When we moved here last April, I gave up my detached shop and a nice pole barn with a concrete floor. The current place has a pole barn, but it's a machine shed (gravel floor) used for farm machinery. I decided to build one large building to cover the shop needs as well as storage for things where I need concrete, and this will also give me a service area for the vehicles and whatnot; so the new building wound up being 32x50x10', a little over half will be shop, the remaining section for my barn stuff. I'll put in a partition wall to separate the 2, and need to get on with the wiring, insulating, and drywall (that part will be hired out, I hope). The large OH door provides access to the storage part, the small one for my shop stuff. Here's what I have:
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    It's a good looking building Fred. You're going to have fun fitting it out.

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    What a nice project. You really have the good bones to make it your own.

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    Nice building with some good space Fred, going to be fun watching you fill it up

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    Oh boy! A blank slate. A very nice looking building with lots of room. Who wouldn't want something like that. It's beautiful.

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    Shop/storage space? The inside looks big enough to open a roller skating rink! Looks like it'll be a lot of fun finishing it out.
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    Great building, Fred! I can hardly wait to see you continue to develop it, but color me !
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    That will do! Great looking space Fred.

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    Beautiful place! With an abundance of space like that, you can transform it into absolutely anything! I am thrilled to see what you have got in store for this new masterpiece. If it was me, I think entertainment runs nicely in such a spacious area. It could even be divided into sub sectors for different groups to entertain their own groups of guests. Do upload what you have in mind. I bet it will be a fun process.

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