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Thread: Sandblasting some Kubota parts

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    Sandblasting some Kubota parts

    Well i got my little desktop blasting cabinet setup and working to my short term satisfaction.

    What mine had was a filter on inside. kept on getting clogged. took it out and just hooked up small shop vac. works like a charm.

    Using the glass beads, on mine there is a nifty pick up connector that mounts in the hole in the base. Keeps suction hose vertical and sucks from little holes 360 degrees around base.
    No issues with drawing media up.
    i dumped half a bag or more in the bottom and another thing i did was to remove that pesky pressed steel grid. Its more of a nuisance than benefit.
    Cant wait to get the tractor done and experiment with masking and sandblasting some wood.

    see images of two small parts attached. before and after pic. these are hood hinges.
    have already primed them.

    To give some idea of time it took 10 minutes to do both of these. The time on the pics was my measurement.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That looks pretty good!

    Lots easier than a wire wheel anyway, that's for sure.
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    Looks good.

    I've been only putting a few cups of the media in the cabinet at a time. I've saved a few of the plastic ice cream tubs for dumping the used media into for switching it out for different grits. Just thought you might need an excuse for buying some ice cream.

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    Yah Darren, it was because of what you said that i posted my experience.

    I tried your way initially on my unit, but i had to keep stopping to rake the medium down to the suction point.

    I have done a fair number of parts so far and not found medium to be spent.

    Can u take a pic of your take up point when you next in the shop, i would be interested to see how its done on the larger standing unit.

    My desktop unit is not a HF unit, its a Princess Auto unit which is pretty much the same but i have noticed diff brands have slightly different "attachments" to the cabinet. I do think they all come out of same factory.

    I thought the take up connector on mine was rather clever. I have no regulator and no filters or traps in the path and have had only one blockage which occurred after leaving the unit for a few days and then starting up again. All i did was hold the gun nozzle blocked and it forced air back down the medium take up hose and popped the blockage out at the connector. Then went on from there with normal process.

    I will get a pic of the take up connector next time i am in the shop and post it.

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