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Thread: Rip Cuts in Azek

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    Rip Cuts in Azek

    Good morning, all. Long time no see.

    Has anybody done fine woodworking with cellular PVC trim, such as Azek? I need to make 3/4"x3/4"x8' triangles from a 3/4"x5.5"x8' Azek trim board. Obviously, I'll do this with my table saw (TS3650) blade set to 45* and just run them through.

    My questions are:
    1) What blade?
    2) How fast should it run through?
    3) How floppy is this stuff?

    I use the red coated Freud Industrial blades. I have a 60t ATB, 24t rip, and a TCG laminate blade (forgot tooth count)

    I'm worried about marking / melting the stock. I'll be doing this for a friend and he doesn't intend to paint the white stock, just wants to nail it up and be done. Never dealt with cellular PVC before.

    Outfeed is not an issue, but if it needs to be supported every 24" or so on the infeed side, I'll have to setup some extra stands.


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    i just finished a deck with fiberon which is very similiar to azek, i used a 40tooth blade in the skill saw and a 100 tooth on the chop saw.. it does flex in 8 ft and in thin strips it will flex a lot. also allow for shrinkage and expansion.
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    Thanks Larry. I'm cutting it for a buddy who, I believe, will be using it as corner trim in his enclosed car trailer.

    I've done some other reading and it looks like Freud's "non-ferrous" blades are all TCG, so I'll use the laminate and push it through quick as safe so it doesn't burn.

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