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Thread: chinese caligraphy brush rack-a real quickie

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    chinese caligraphy brush rack-a real quickie

    not going to tell anyone I woodwork anymore, seems everyone wants something built.

    so where I eat lunch often, the owner, female, asked me if I could make her a rack to hold her brushes, she takes Chinese calligraphy courses.
    (she is Asian, me, Im guessing Chinese calligraphy is much more complicated because of all the symbols, not sure)

    she showed me pictures online, and I wanted to suggest , tell her its easier to purchase it online.

    I caved, I told her sure.

    took me approx. 3 hours total time.

    instead of hooks, which would have cost me money to purchase, I have bags of wooden axles for toy cars(sometime ago I thought Id make some toys, but all the wheels, axles and parts are just sitting in a draw untouched), and they worked out perfect for pegs to hold the brushes.

    a few mortise and tenons, cherry, and this is one coat of clear stain, one more coat of stain, then some spray lacquer.

    I made an additional piece just in case she ever gets a really long brush and needs another couple of inches in height. (I made the rack one inch higher than the ones I saw online)

    I questioned her about if she needed some fancy curves, or some scroll work, ofcourse she said no, just as well, curves equal a lot of time and effort.

    this will do the job for her.

    Im going to barter it for a few free lunches.

    in my ten years woodworking, Id never of thought someone would ask me for a Chinese calligraphy brush rack. who knew.

    not sure if this even qualifies for flatwork and its own thread. oh well. just keeping busy
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    So...does she hang the brushes from the pegs, or what? I'm guessing the brushes might have a loop or lanyard on the end of the handle?
    Jim D.
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    Yep, she could easily purchased on line, but she now will have a one off "Alllen" that she will appreciate every time she uses it, and believe me she will!!! Nicely done Allen

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    A few dozen bagels as well

    That's really a great project. Nice job
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    good work allen!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DeLaney View Post
    So...does she hang the brushes from the pegs, or what? I'm guessing the brushes might have a loop or lanyard on the end of the handle?
    yes, they all have loops/lanyards on the end.
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    That's easily worth some free lunches.

    Ironically, the ones she'd order online would probably made in China out of some unknown hardwood stained to look like cherry. Instead, she got a handmade product that was made in the USA out of real cherry wood.
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    YUP - What she got was a lot nicer than what she coulda got.

    Nice job Allen.

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    Well Allen, A family friend years ago worked for a medical equipment company and he was one of the first to repair one of the ultrasonic kidney stone machines to break them up. After that repair, he was the leading expert on the machines in the country and was flown everywhere to work on them. So now you're the leading expert I know on making calligraphy brush racks, congratulations! BTW...looks great!

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