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Thread: Had a wow flashback tody.

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    Had a wow flashback tody.

    So trivia you make your bed each day.

    I was making our bed this am and had a flashback when i pulled the blanket square. When Linda makes it she is not as particular as me about it.

    Guess they got to me for life when i was 17 and did my basic training in SA army

    So i wondered with many ex vets here did and does US military have guys do the crazy things we had to do during basics. Specifically related to bed making we had to get the edge of our bed square. Yup go figure.
    So how do you do it?
    Well we were shown to take a shaving brush (that is after you have made the most perfect bed possible) then as if you were shaving wipe soap on the curved edge.
    Then take your "dixies" two aluminium rectangular shaped dishes with wire fold round handles, and beat the two sides towards each other. Totally absurd it worked. The ridiculous part was as a result we never slept in the bed which had to be ready for inspection each morning. Yet if you got caught sleeping on floor you could get charged with damaging government property. Go figure.
    Just imagine how it freaks me out to see my sons room when he is home and does not make his bed.

    Some crazy stuff never leaves you. lol.

    now go make your bed lol.

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    I was taught to make my bed, but there was never any training for where and how to place the decorative pillows that my wife insists being on the bed when it's made. Therefore I stopped making it.

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    In our home the last one out of bed makes it, so 99 times out of 100 Jan makes the bed. I'm an early riser, usually up between 5:30 and 6:30. Jan usually sleeps in, I don't even turn her coffee on before 7:30. This is my quiet time. I sit in a dark living room with the iPad and catch up on all the news and family stuff.
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    When I retired in 1995 after 26 years in the Marine Corps, I vowed never to do some habitual things. Like making your rack, or as you say, your bed. I only fool with it somewhat when the sheets get washed. And, then I only put on the fitted sheet and then the pillow cases. Everything else can stay chaotic as far as I am concerned. I also refuse to wear a watch now. Forget it. There are plenty of clocks around, even on my stupid smart phone. But, I do find myself doing crazy things once in a while, you know; salute the Flag even though I am not in uniform, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, standing for the National Anthem, standing for the Marine Hymn, etc. You know, those crazy, out of date and politically incorrect acts?

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    I'm pretty much with Rennie regarding the bed, and definitely with Dave on the crazy things. I do wear a watch, though - just a plain old Timex - nothing fancy.
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    Not sure what the troops have to put up with these days. The bounce a quarter on it, hospital corner, sleep on the floor bed making days are well behind me. We do make our bed every day, just to keep the darn cat off the sheets. I respect the flag as a matter of pride, but feel the 27 years I spent in uniform were dedicated to giving people the freedom to express their opinions through whatever non-violent method they chose....including disrespecting the flag. I spent some years in a country where disrespecting the flag meant jail time or worse and didn't like what I saw.

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    OK Rob, don't get me started

    We used to have to iron our sheets in the 60's Not to mention the hospital bed makings

    Now days, we don't like tucked in sheets and let them be wrinkled...gotta let the feet flow free (especially with dog and cat weights on the bed).

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    I prefer life in the motor home sleeping on the couch and folding the bedding every day. I served my time but haven't starched a pair of pants or shirt since discharge. Or even tried to bounce a quarter. I saw those thing when I was in as way for the brass to maintain control over me and could deal with it. But not to control my whole life.... Wore a pocket t shirt and blue jeans for 33 years at my last job only to find out we had a casual Friday but couldn't really isee how to get any more casual..

    Only wore a coat and tie when I was trying to get through to people who thought that was the only way to dress. 3-4 times a year. In the 70's and early 80's found I got better service at the airlines and car rental if I started with the coat and tie. That changed before the 80's were over...

    Back to the bed if I am the last one up (rare any more) I pull the covers up and somewhat line up the pillows.. I only actually make it if we are visiting it seems the thing to do.

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    We don't "make" the bed, except when changing the linen. I make it then as I am quite fussy about it.

    Normal daily, we just pull the covers onto the bed. Sorta made.

    We have a heated waterbed and the covers hold the heat in.

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    Living in Arizona we sleep mostly with just a Top sheet no covers except in the winter. I get up first so the wife pulls the sheets up and smooths them when she gets up. As for the military after boot camp I was in nuke power school and had a private room or on the Submarine our births had curtains. On the Sub the lights were never on in Birthing so just pulling the sheets up and closing the curtain was good enough.
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