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Thread: For Vaughn about scorpions

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    For Vaughn about scorpions

    Some interesting things turned up when Googling 'natural deterrent for scorpions.' You need lavender plants, cedar oil, and Angola chickens.

    Just trying to help.

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    Bummer...our Angola chickens are allergic to both lavender plants and cedar oil.
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    You know Vaughn, another way to control the scorpions -- you could just eat them... get a bunch of skewers and grill them....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    OK, Chuck! That's funny. I have a great disdain for scorpions. Sneaky little buggers. If the need arises, I found a great remedy for scorpion stings. Absorbine Jr. works great on them as well as wasp, yellow jacket, and other funny little things like that. I think the acid that's in it penetrates and kills the venom, I guess. All I care about is that it works.

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    We had a way with them when I was in Saudi & Iraq we drew circle in the dirt & threw 2 scorpions in & let them fight it out. One would try to run & the other would grab it & drag it back to fight. Anything for entertainment.
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    Raised in NMex. South of Vaughns pad. Never ran across any scorpions. In 42 years only come across 4 rattlesnakes. Maybe it was good living.
    All us kids were out in the mesas and arroyos all the time. Folks said get out after breakfast and we'd be gone till dinner. Lot different these days.

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    Boy! David, I'm sure glad my parents didn't think of that "Get out" routine.

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