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Thread: Windows 10 or 1984 strikes again

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    Windows 10 or 1984 strikes again

    So i took an old computer last night and upgraded it with SSD and updated Graphics card i had around. Then loaded windows 7 pro that i had planned years ago.
    Then decided to try go for a freebie upgrade on Windows 10, figured best get to see and know whats in store for me when i eventually have to go for it on my real computer tablet laptop.

    For those of you that want a freebie upgrade "Big Brother Microsoft" is still sneakily offering them. I figure they rather leave door open and keep trapping us for future than force us into the linux camp.

    They claim its for people that require assistive features but require no evidence that you one of them. Link below and it works.

    So my old core 2 duo processor /intel mb did the upgrade all by itself. I was amazed frankly. Its the very first time i have upgraded something related to MS and not had issues.

    Ok so now i start to play around. First up during the selection of all the " optional included programs or apps, i had said "no" to several items but my "no" was not listened to by big brother.

    We seem to have entered the phase where even though this is my hardware my computer, and my paid for operating system (yeah i paid for my win 7 pro) , big brother is going to decide what you will or won't have on your system. Freedom of choice is gone.

    I then tried to uninstall certain options, no ways.

    Then i downloaded the browser i use...Iron.

    But get this i tried to make Iron the default and no ways this is happening. They want to force me to sign up for big brother app store to change default app. Well i thought before i do let me check if big bro has the Iron App in its store. Nope. i run iron browser and cannot make it my default browser for certain file types. Tried all that i can think of.

    But get this, if you using this bug bro op system you best check into every nook and cranny because i cannot tell you how many switches i found that i turned off.

    Then i loaded my Eset Smart security package but that did not stop big bro from automatically downloading their "malicious software removal tool" to add to slowing down your machine.

    What the heck is going on? How did things get so out of hand these enormous corporations have way too much power.

    Soon they will get to decide what is "malicious software" and you won't have a say, in fact i believe we already at that stage.

    So then i try changing the maps app, well once again i first check the app store. I want the other big bro map option, Google, but nope its not available by the looks of it. I am stuck will Bing.

    Is there anybody that has gone windows 10 that has a different experience? Managed to get it setup way they want without big bro determining rules.

    Man first it was Apple with all their control down to hardware level now we have MS joining that club.

    I don't want every move or program i use to be vetted or recorded by some big bro. Regardless of the fact that i am merely doing the very basics on my computer.

    And for those who say you have nothing to worry about, well sorry to say i have first hand witnessed innocent people being taken away by a regime and saw what they were like after it was determined they were innocent.

    So the upgrade in my view is a serious infringement on personal space and privacy.

    Just think of the implications of this kind of op.

    Imagine, you running a successful business, your staff all have to use windows based systems to run your vendors industry specific software.
    Now lets say you making really good margins and have developed a successful recipe for good sustainable growth.

    Knowing what it is you up to would be really valuable info. This kind of "follow /track every move " operating system would enable you methods secrets to be obtained and sold by someone at big bro looking to increase the value of their stock options.

    This has nothing to do with security, it's a form of industrial espionage in my opinion.

    When will enough be enough.??????? Have we become so dumbed down and apathetic that we just going to let it wash over us.

    This is all in line with what big data is being used for. I have a client where a supposedly propriety industry application stores all their data. On a nightly basis we have discovered with the help of a really good capable It company, just how many 3rd parties are getting access to and sharing in use of their data. The entire development of the application by the provider has been diverted to the extraction of the data and no effort to fixing the bugs or improvement of the application. They pretty much have to suck it up.
    This means others through use of their data which includes sensitive things such as cost and selling price, can and do ensure they do not get presented as an option in an industry online selling platform.

    Think about where this kind of behavior takes us.....and this is a small family business. How do they take on giants.

    This same small business cannot tell the software provider to take a hike, there is no alternative. We have explored several, even self development, but a key element needed is controlled by yet another 3rd party that would not license or sell it.

    This is nothing short of what was called extortion when the mob used to do it.

    Thats what i believe windows 10 is. Setting us up for extortion.
    No wonder they have it through a "justifiable means" still available free. They sooner get you in their hands now than have you go down an alternative route.

    As has been said by many throughout the ages, "THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH"

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    A coworker suggested I use Spybot Search & Destroy & Spybot Anti-beacon. However Microsoft has published that they will automatically remove any anti-malware software upon upgrade, assuming they would do this on any updates as well since they are forced in the free version, pro version you can delay them, and I think the enterprise version you can actually turn them off.

    I think this is the video that Barnacules discusses the spybot software and disabling all of the W10 "features"...

    I have yet to run the spybot software as it was beta for W10 the last I looked at it, but have used it in the past, it worked well. I recently started running Malwarebytes, so will see if MS removes it upon update.

    Oh, I don't use the MS Store at all, most of the apps weren't "windowed" when I tried using them under W8, so just stuck with my old programs. Also, I installed the Start 10 start button app ($5) and pretty much use W10 the same as I did with W7 and skip the built in start button all together.
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    Rob, do you not have the following screen available on your Win10?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    You might wanna enable the "God Mode". This will give you access to pretty much all settings in one place:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Madha View Post
    You might wanna enable the "God Mode". This will give you access to pretty much all settings in one place:
    I forgot about this one, thanks!

    To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word “boo.” – Robert Brault

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