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Thread: OK now I have seen everything....

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    OK now I have seen everything....

    I remember growing up seeing pictures of the experimental jet packs and figured that they would never be a reality but now it has happened.

    I am in aw
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    As John Denver would say "that is awesome". Don't know how it works but looks like fun.

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    I think I am getting a bit too old to get on one, but you never know. I does look like a bunch of fun, though.

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    The wife showed me the video yesterday she found on facebook or somewhere... Not something I want to try...I've already broken a rib water skiing, just imagine the damage I could do with one of those.
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    I would think this would be classed as an ultralight. Maybe it would be a microlight (don't know the specs of that), with the possible issue of either being it doesn't have a seat. I would think this also has a low flight ceiling, being more able to go where most can't stay (exceptions for helicopters, Harriers, etc).
    So I am confused by the reporters spouting that the flier didn't have a certificate from the FAA, when a certificate involves having training in what your flying. Did the Wright brothers get flying lessons, and if so, can some one point me to THAT plane and instructor?
    Interesting idea, but poor reporting, IMHO.


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