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Thread: "NEW" Oliver 16" Jointer - Restoration Project

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    "NEW" Oliver 16" Jointer - Restoration Project

    Hey all,

    I have missed y'all, and I am glad to finally make it back onto the forum.

    So, I HAVE to brag about this one. I just picked up a sweet machine, an Oliver 16" jointer! It's not been stored properly for years, but at the price I paid I can deal with the rust and restoration. I have been wanting to work my way into Oliver machinery for years, and I am really excited to have my first Oliver machine. Also, I got it for about 25% of what this would cost in restored/operating condition. It's the deal I have been waiting for for the last 7 years.

    - Hutch
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    Looks evenly rusted, and not badly pitted. It should clean up well.

    What's the motor? Direct drive?

    Ball bearing or Babbitt?
    Jim D.
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    Nice snag, Hutch. I'll bet it cleans up nicely.
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    Nice, that will be a thing of beauty!
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    After tossing vinegar on it a couple times it looks like everything will clean up nicely. The high quality iron certainly makes a big difference when it comes to pitting.

    The jointer is direct drive, 3 knife cutter head, 5 hp, 440 volt 3 phase. Ball bearing. I broke a few parts free at the end of the work day today, and the fence is now on its own cart. Tomorrow I plan on digging in and starting the disassembly and cleanup process.

    - Hutch
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