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Thread: Time For Another Friday Thread - 9/23/2016

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    Time For Another Friday Thread - 9/23/2016

    We're playing an outdoor show Saturday morning for a charity "plane tug" event on a decommissioned runway at the Albuquerque International Sunport. This is the third year in a row we've played at this event. It's fun, but 8:30 in the morning (actually, setting up at 6:30) is awful early for rock & roll.

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    After the show, LOML and I are heading up to the Valles Caldera National Preserve (about an hour and a half from the house) for the second annual Elk Festival:

    After a long and busy Saturday, I suspect Sunday will be a lot about doing as little as possible.
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    I started my day with some shop cleanup. I've got a serious issues with smalls - small enough to create a storage problem but not small enough to toss! I'm finally utilizing a space by laying out drawers for small stuff.

    Saturday will be more of the same - probably picking up some sheet goods at Lowe's after emptying my utility trailer of yard debris created by Hermine.

    Sunday - the usual routine: I'll prepare brunch after we peruse the Sunday paper. Later, I'll cook up some shrimp and grits; LOML helps with prep! Of course, NASCAR in between all that!
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    Not much tonight, but tomorrow we'll be taking our 18 year old rat terrier Audrey to the vet to have her put down. The past few weeks she's really gone down hill. She's mostly lost her sight, hearing, and teeth the past few years. It has gotten to the point we have been carrying her up and down the stairs, as she's been falling down them often. She seems to be in a lot of pain trying to walk across the room anymore, so as much as it pains us, we don't want her to suffer. She's lived a good long life, but we will miss her.

    Other than that, we're doing some organizing on the house, need to go pickup some osb and 2x4's to get some garage shelving built. Also have some yard work to get done.

    I may get some shop time in if it's raining Sunday, have some CNC projects to work on.

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    Trying to put up another plastic shed. This is becoming a project that makes me regret losing so much weight. Called the company. They suggested soaping the tabs that snap into the slots. Good ol' Dawn to the rescue. I hope.

    Tomorrow and Sunday are work days this weekend.

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    Spent this morning first cutting some hackberry logs down to bowl blanks. I cut enough to turn 8 blanks at the moment. Then had to do some mowing for myself! Was having a bobcat problem for a couple of weeks but I think they have moved on. I think. Hope so. Hardly any of my deer were coming up to visit while they were around. Rabbits were hiding and you didn't hardly ever even see a squirrel. Weird. Was wondering what was going on until I saw the bobcats. 3 of them. Tomorrow will be roughing out those hackberry blanks and other sundry items for the annual fair. Still got a ways to go before I have an inventory I'll be comfortable with.

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    Tomorrow I hope to trim out the opening in the shed where the garage door will be going. Then it's a matter of getting some hanging hardware and shelves installed in the shed so I can start emptying all the non-shop things out of the shop and finally get started on that area.
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    Tonight supporting the Carthage Tiger high school football team. Wish I had there energy.
    Tomorrow mow then work on work shop roof for leaks. Need new roof I need lots of money.
    I'll figure something out. What nice talking weather.

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    If the weather cooperates, I'll be building some more raised beds for the garden.

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    Finish cleaning the shop, so I can make a sign for the church.

    I just recieved 4 blueberry bushes from Stark Bros that need planting, as well as some ornamental grass, hibiscuis plants and some lillies.

    In between, I want to finish wiring a second light and recepticals in the shed.

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    It's time to un-ship the water tank from the old farm truck and put the pump and related hoses away for the winter. I might haul one more load (1100 Imp gallons) to the pool for some good flushing and back washing before winterizing. That's if there's any water in the brook. It's been so dry here this summer the Annapolis River has only been running twice a week
    I also have some pasture mowing to do and it's time to put some firewood in. Lots to do.
    There's also a little bobbin lace-related project on the honey do list for the shop. I don't think I'll be napping.

    Have a great weekend.

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