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Thread: Kitchen shiplap style panels going up

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    Kitchen shiplap style panels going up

    Finally got started on our kitchen shiplap style panels today. I'm using 1/4" subflooring panels. Didn't have a real good way to cut the panels but I ended up clamping a 2x4 underneath for support and then a straight board on top to guide my jig saw. Cuts turned out ok but this material is simply not made for this purpose and was a challenge to end up with real smooth edges. Took a few measurements and then got busy nailing the panels to the walls today with my brand new brad nail gun and brand new air compressor.
    I think the end result will be what my wife is looking for but if I were to do it all over again....I would use a better material than this subflooring. It's ok and will get the results we're looking for but it will require a bit more work to make it that way.
    I have a few more to put of these walls tomorrow then I will also be doing the space above the kitchen cabinets as well. The panels will then be painted.
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    I'll need to hide this post from my wife Tom. She's gotten the idea to do this up the wall going to our downstairs, about 18' tall. Looks good though.

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    Looks quite nice, Tom.

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