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Thread: A few bowls in progress....

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    A few bowls in progress....

    I have a few bowls under way for up-coming market... these range in size from 7 3/4 to 9 3/4... Not sure which is which in these photos... the bowls are all marked on the bottom with my catalog number, but didn't not the numbers when I made the pictures... These are all Spalted Hackberry and finished with a satin polyurethane... they have a little shine on them because the poly is wet... I just put a coat on all of them. These photos are kinda quick and dirty with my phone... still in the shop...
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    This little bowl isn't hackberry and I didn't pay much attention to the bark when I cut the blank... I'm guessing this may be a piece of the Magnolia.... at any rate, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The bowl is 8" diameter and 2" high.
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    A little walnut bowl... 7 1/4" x 3" high.
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    Finally, a 10 inch bowl from Mimosa stump that is for a couple that gave me the wood. They had a Mimosa that was dying and I cut two of the trunks and the stump... the stump was a crotch piece where I cut the bowl from. I did have to fill a couple of voids in the wood...
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    I hate taking pictures with my phone... they come in at all angles... I turned all these right side up when I first edited them...
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    Those are really nice, Chuck! I like hackberry. I'm finishing up a batch of them right now for a reseller I have in Mississippi. This group is 12 bowls of various sizes and 4 boxes. He's gonna have to pick on another wood as I am just about out of usable hackberry right now. That is until I get to take down another tree. Which who knows when that will be. Good looking bowls.

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    Good looking bowls, Chuck. I love that hackberry.

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    Good stuff there, Chuck.
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