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    Segmented vase

    Malcom Tibbetts was kind enough to get me pointed in the right direction and this is what I ended up with. 60 pieces of walnut and maple that are 7" high and 6" at the widest point. Danish oil finish, to be buffed in a couple of days. All 4 photos are of the same piece from different view points.

    I also found out that Malcom's definition of "very easy" is a lot different than mine! Thanks to Malcom for inspiration and his help!
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    Looks great, Robert. Haven't had the patience to actually put together a segmented piece yet. Looking forward to trying it, though.


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    Very cool, Robert. I'm guessing the the glue-up was solid, or did you do it as rings? Either way, the joints look real good.

    Getting segmented turning advice from Malcolm Tibbetts is a lot like getting Christmas gift advice from Santa Claus.
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    Very, very cool!

    On my list of things to do one day, but I need to build that bandsaw first!

    Santa Claus, yeah, that sounds about right!
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    Those are great. I've not attempted one yet. Don't understand the math of the cutting, angles, etc.
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    A very interesting piece, with each angle giving a unique look. Nice job!

    Did you use a thickness sander on the pieces or just straight from the jointer & planer?

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    That's a nice project. I've thought alot about trying a segmented turning. It goes along with my general philosopy of, "The more tools used to complete a project, the better!" Thanks for sharing!


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    Robert beautiful piece.I wish I had the patience to cut all the little pieces. Looks great.

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    Robert that is a great job on a beautiful piece.
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