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Thread: Friday !

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    Friday !

    Where did that week go ?!

    Taking a little road trip and meeting a friend for Sunday breakfast. Maybe checking out a very interesting project he's working on.

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    Having dinner with our daughter and grandson tonight, we'll be watching him all weekend. Tomorrow morning we may head over to a cider festival, then another one in the afternoon with our daughter. Sunday we've got Christmas Dinner with my family (my parents are heading south for the winter, and usually don't return for Christmas). Also doing some home security and automation updates to the house, so installing new sensors and such.

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    cleaning and rewaxing the dining area floor prior to reassembling the table and chairs. then on to the dresser, and other stuff for the craft shows.
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    Another week and sitting here wondering where did the days go.
    I'm heading to my friends farm to cut trails and clean up. Just to get away from the city for the weekend.
    Since the Doc gave me a good bill of health I need to get back out in the woods.
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    I started cutting down some 1/2" plywood to make drawers for another area of my shop. I've had a space that was just open storage under the side of my miter saw bench. Now, after all these years, I'm going to install drawers to hold table saw blades, push blocks and small cutoffs. One thing that has gotten totally out of control is the amount of cutoffs that are too small for my lumber rack but not yet small enough for the smoker bin.

    Saturday, I'll continue on my drawer project and prep soe blanks for a few CNC items.

    Sunday will be the usual: I'll prepare brunch, then chill out until the NASCAR race at Dover.
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    This weekend is the beginning of the 9-day Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, so the sky will be full of color for a while and things will be busy around town. They are expecting somewhere around 900,000 attendees through the course of the event this year. Words and photos don't describe the sensation of watching 500+ hot air balloons aloft.

    Our band was scheduled to play for a corporate event Saturday afternoon at the Fiesta, but those plans got changed in a hurry Wednesday evening when my bandmate Mike got hit on his motorcycle by an idiot* hit & run driver making an illegal U-turn in what most likely was a stolen car. Mike will be OK, but he's got a broken right hand and wrist, as well as minor fractures on both feet. The bike was totaled, but his helmet and armored ballistic nylon jacket did their job and paid for themselves. Mike is the acoustic guitarist in the band, and that's hard to do one-handed. In the short term, Jeff (the bass player) and I will be working up a repertoire that the two of us can cover with just a drummer. We have other shows coming up in October and November that we don't want to cancel. It should be doable...Jeff and I have played together off and on for over 40 years, and for some of those, it was just the two of us and a drummer. (Mike will likely tag along to add vocals and harmonica on some of the songs.)

    Other than watching balloons and working on guitar stuff, not much else going on here aside from the weekly yard and garden stuff. I might also be providing a sound system and recorded music for the corporate gig that we had to cancel at the Balloon Fiesta, depending on whether they are able to get a replacement band or not. There's also a gun show happening this weekend that I might go check out. Not really looking for more guns at the moment (I know, that's hard to believe), but there are some accessories I'd like to look for.

    * "Idiot" is not my first choice of words, but the CoC and all that...
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    Taxes are in the mail to the CPA. The county has returned the official variance documents. On to planning the house!

    Today, get the dog groomed, roof on the new/used shed and unload a package from China to the lab. Picture later. Tomorrow, finish the shed roof and do laundry. Sunday is Bless the Pets Sunday. Organized chaos at the very least. Monday and Tuesday became church work days next week. Unusual. Then the house gets my undivided attention.

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    Just some of the usual mundane items in life; buying chains for the saws, etc.. Nuttin special particularly. Sanding supplies, bullets, bacon and beans. Tomorrow back to turning and finishing the hackberry order. Then mostly working on stuff for the fall fair in November.

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