So, the new water cooled spindle arrived. Been designing the cooling system.

- 7-10 gallon reservoir (probably a plastic trash can) with a submersible pond pump

- a power steering cooler radiator with computer cooling fans assist

- a flow meter to be sure fluid is moving

- distilled water or RV antifreeze (which is more efficient?)

Plan to build an aluminum frame holding the cooler and fans to sit on top of the trash can.

Fluid is pumped from the bottom of the reservoir through the cooling radiator, past the flow meter, into the spindle. The return line just goes straight back to the reservoir and empties through the fabricated lid.

Thus far the budget is ~$100 for the cooling system parts. They add up!

A separate misting system for cutting fluids is also under design. Will get into that later.

Check my thinking on the cooling system. Suggestions welcome.