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Thread: Welding table build.....done.

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    Welding table build.....done.

    Well i finally got round to teaching myself to weld, used up a whole 2lb roll of .025 wire then got started on my welding table kit from tab and slot.

    First off this is an excellent kit, laser cut steel goes together very easily and easy for a beginner or pro. Can be ordered with or without leg and caster kit.
    I ordered mine without and then when i priced out the steel and 4 casters went ahead and got the leg kit.

    So here is the construction switched to .035" wire for table weld up...3/16 thick.

    In the above pic you see the slots and the tab design which pokes itself through slots on the top.

    Essentially a torsion box design

    Here it is all clamped up after the dry fit.

    Then all welded

    Then the slots in top welded

    Add the legs sand and done

    Nice flat top now for some fixture bits from strong hold.

    I plan on making a plywood clip on overhanging top for this table to cover it and have it play double duty as assembly or work table in shop.

    Also plan to get another thin sheet of steel to put on top of a set of draws i will make to go under top for storage of welding bits and pieces.

    The casters are screwed into the legs, prior to installing legs a small square piece of steel supplied laser cut to fit bottom of tube is used to weld a 1/2" nut to it then it is welded into leg end. Caster then screws in for final assembly and these guys even supply a custom cut wrench to fit the caster nut.

    Very happy with flatness and whole project, highly recommend this table.

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    That does look pretty nice and came together nicely as well! I reckon you'll really appreciate all of those holddown points...

    I notice you strategically didn't show close ups of the welds, smart

    I see they have a 2'x3' table, I might be able to find room for that.. hrm....
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    Holy Cow! That is an awesome fabrication table!

    That is Hyuge!
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    looks great Rob, if ya haven't done so yet, ya need to some welding magnets.
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    Very cool, Rob. That should be real handy to have around.
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    Pretty cool. What did shipping cost for something so obviously heavy?

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    Great looking table Rob, looks beefy! +1 on the welding magnets, also for the magnetic based mig gun holder from HF.

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    The table looks awesome.
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    looks even better in person minus the welds.. good deal for the money for sure
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    Pretty cool. What did shipping cost for something so obviously heavy?
    Carol it cost $45.98 for shipping from vendor to Niagara.
    That was for table only, as i ordered legs separately.

    Table cost at time was $221 after discount code that they had or have for some bulk steel purchase reason

    So my total for table was $266.98 to be exact.

    Darren have the magnets , gun stand, pliers, gloves, jacket, helmet, wire brush, slag hammer , spare tips, and welding cart .

    So now just need more practice. 😀

    And for what i want to do will add a few mods to my table and few fixture bits to hold things in place.

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