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Thread: your opinion on reconditioned tools

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    your opinion on reconditioned tools

    What is your opinion on reconditioned power tools?

    Are there any power tools that you would NEVER buy reconditioned?

    If so, why?

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    I've done well with them. On one occasion, a Milwaukee router from Amazon came with a broken adjuster knob. Amazon paid for return shipping, and sent me a replacement router, which has been fine. Other recons have been without a problem. I think they represent a good value.


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    I have bought four factory reconditioned tools and they have all performed like they were new. I guess that DeWalt must recondition a lot of them as all four of mine were DeWalts, a 621 router, two nailers and one 735 planer. You would think that if they needed to be rebuilt so soon that there must be something wrong with them in the first place but they are working fine so I do not know what is going on. I would buy reconditioned tools again as long as they are reconditioned by the manufacturer and the price is right.

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    I've had good success with the reconditioned tools I've bought. They have been powered hand tools like drills and biscuit joiners. I can't think offhand of any tools I would NEVER buy reconditioned, but there probably are some.
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    I've had good success with reconditioned tools from Northern Tools. Never a problem and the prices are great.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I've purchased several PC routers and drills reconditioned.
    Never a problem

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    when I need a tool

    I look first for used

    then for Reconditioned

    then new

    that said the reconditioned tool needs to be at a reasonable discount , I'm not going to buy reconditioned If I can get new for a few dollars more

    I look to pay no more than half new for used

    3/4 or so of new for reconditioned

    I cant think of any tool I would only buy new

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    I reconditioned all my major power tools.

    Seriously, shouldn't be any real difference in a reconditioned tool and a new one.
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    I would be happy to purchase any tool reconditioned as long as I has confidence in the person or firm that did the reconditioning.
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    My understanding is that recon tools actually get some minimal level of individual inspection/QA, unlike most mass produced tools where a small sample is evaluated. My recons are retail returns, and most of the "reconditioning" is replacing the packaging.

    So, yes, I would buy any quality tool reconditioned, but if the quality is dubious when it is new, a recon is no bargain.
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