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Thread: AR Blue water pressure cleaner

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    AR Blue water pressure cleaner

    Have not posted in quite a while. Lots of medical issues but I seem to be through it now. This may not be the correct forum. I have been planning to purchase a Karcher water pressure cleaner. Probably the #3 size.that seems to be the gold standard.

    So, I went to Costco to buy. Usually about $300. Only they are not selling it now. Instead they are selling the ARBlue 390 ( actually 391 with Japanese packaging). Checked the reviews on Amazon and it does not look bad. Also, it is only $210.

    Does anyone have any experience with this product? While it is cheaper that can sometimes be more expensive. Any info is appreciated.

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    i am not sure what model I had but wasn't impressed.
    Didn't hold up well at all, very little metal in the thing. Totally quit last week and the pressure shut on\off pressure switch hasn't worked for several years. The soap injector port broke the first year or so..

    About 200.00 dollars or so several years ago.
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    Kyle I have a Kracher unit and we used it with Playground of Hope to clean about 150 meter long by 3 meters tall cinder block wall that had NEVER been cleaned and it worked great.

    I'll lend you the unit I have if you want to try it out.
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