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Thread: From Simple to Complex

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    Matt Dunlap Guest

    From Simple to Complex

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    Nice job, Matt. I'm betting your boss doen't know how lucky he is to have you available to make these "simple" projects for him.
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    That will work!

    Looks good!
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    hey matt, you got the back supported well but wont the frnt side have a tendency to sag from the weight of its contents? or do you have center stile going in to help out the frt?
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    Good morning Matt,
    Sounds like you have mastered the best woodworking tool of all - patience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Dunlap View Post

    They have told me that it is intended for Display items only. Lightweight stuff mostly. I also banded the front of the shelves with 3/4 x 3/4 oak to help keep it from sagging.
    Even with nothing on them, glass shelves can, and will, sag by themselves over time. Dunno if it's true, but I have been told that glass is just a very slow moving liquid. Thicker glass will slow the process.
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    The glass flow myth has been dis-proven by direct experiment at least twice, and is not supported by theoretical means in any case. The source of this old chestnut is the use of "crown glass" in old windows. Briefly, crown glass was made by spinning molten glass into large disks to approximate a plate. The disk would be slightly tapered, larger at the edges due to centrifugal forces during spinning, and once cut into panes this taper has been mis-interpreted as liquid state flow of the glass.

    Though I'm not a big fan of Wikipedia, the current revision of their glass article is pretty accurate.

    --Hey Matt, I forgot to say nice work on the case!

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    The case looks great!

    How are you attaching/mounting the glass doors?
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    Good for you Matt, it has turned out looking real nice. If the fronts sag you can fix it later, as for now, way to go.
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