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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

    This is the weekend when Brits, Canadians and many others celebrate the Autumn harvest by bringing produce to church, giving food to the food banks, and cooking various types of meat, including turkey, and eating lots of food on,usually, Sunday, and getting together to squabble with relatives. The actual holiday is Monday, but anyone who came from afar is driving home by Monday dinnertime. We have our dinner on Sunday. So, eat lots and spare a thought for those who are celebrating a millennium old thanksgiving for a good harvest!

    Oh, we don't pardon the turkey; we just eat it.

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Roger!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Fall harvest events are in full swing on this fine day in the Annapolis Valley. Traffic is bumper to bumper and the farm stands are overflowing with produce of every kind. My wife and I just got in from our own tour, gathering all we need for a nice traditional dinner tomorrow. Just the two of us this time, as the boys are far away, but we'll be talking to them.

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    Happy Thanksgiving, neighbors! Don't forget to enjoy a soothing beverage or two.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you and this will mean that starting late next week we can expect to see a lot of Canadian License plates as the Canadian Snow birds make their way south.The main migrations for the Canadians seem to be right after their Thanksgiving and right before ours.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to Roger and all the rest of the Canucks and Brits among us.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians, we just got back from our annual weekend away with friends for Thanksgiving dinner in the bush yesterday. Did a turkey on spit again this year. Leaves were still green but we are a week early this year. Good time was had by all , i took my carving stuff to begin my winter carving but never got to do anything. How time flys. At least we avoided the hospital rooms this year.

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