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Thread: Look what I found

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    Look what I found

    Messing around in my dads old shop (he passed back in 05) and in the corner under a cabinet I found a Shopmate Maxi-Clamp system, looks like it hardly got used at all. Dad must have been a Shop Smith junkie, cause he sure had a lot of SS thing is really neat, doubt they make it anymore. Not sure why it wasn't more popular, you can make about any clamp setup your imagination can come up with, I especially like the hand is over sized and angled so it can go up/down the threaded rod easily, then once it levels out against something it engages onto the rod and tightens up just like a nut....genius really just genius....probably gonna get some use out of this for sure..

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    I remember that in their catalog. Cool !!
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    Cool find!
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    That is really neat.
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    When I was in my 6th or 7th year of higher education, the apartment manager allowed me to put a shop in the basement. I was there right along with the furnace for heating, the compressor for all of the built-in refrigerators and the furnace for burning all of the trash and garbage. It was a little pretentious for my skills---but what the heck.

    Anyway, room was a bit tight so I decided to purchase a used ShopSmith. The man who had it for sale demonstrated it for me...He turned on the drillpress with the Jacobs key still in it. Who says wood working isn't exciting. LOL

    I never did get the variable speed to work correctly though I did get some variable in my speed---I used step pulleys.

    I hope your box of parts serve you well and help you make a masterpiece.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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