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Thread: New used shed

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    New used shed


    Never underestimate a wily old woman! Especially not one with levers, hammers, ratchet straps, and wrecking bars.

    It is up and in its corner as level as I can get it - as in good enough.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    8' x 12.5'. Added shelves and lights. Next comes 'stuff.'

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    You are one tough lady, Carol!!! If I'm ever in a bar fight, I want you in my corner!
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    Looks ready for "stuff" nice job Carol, you have way more energy than me

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    Well done, Carol. Ya know, the acronym for Wily Old Woman is WOW. Just sayin'.
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    I didn't realize it was that big

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    Looking good! You will love having all those shelves.
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    Nice work!

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    Still plenty of room for a lounge chair, cooler and a big screen!

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    I do believe that is a very similar model to the one I got. Mine is supposed to have windows, but it's still the awkward 8x12.5 size.
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