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Thread: DP Table - Gloat

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    DP Table - Gloat

    I will usually make something rather than buy it. Especially something like this but, the new DP was lonely. It's not that I'm cheap, I just need all the experience I can get and building jigs and shop cabinets is as good a way as any to rack some up. Seriously, it was on sale and with an email coupon it wasn't much more than the parts to build. I apologize to the jig-gods.

    The instructions direct you to use the supplied sheet metal screws and fender washers to attach it to the existing DP table . Being the way I am, I'll probably go for four 3/8" threaded inserts threaded in and epoxied with bolts and washers from underneath.

    I'll post more shots once installed.
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    That will come in real handy. You are right, sometimes you can buy just as cheap as you can build so you need to keep a heads up. Can save you a lot of time.

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    Yes Glenn, those are nice tables that the Woodpecker puts together.

    I bought one but it wouldn't fit my 20" drill press. The cast steel table is wider than the WP table. I wrote to the Woodpecker about my problem, and they had me send it back for a refund.

    If for some unexplained reason I buy another drill press, it will not be larger than a 15 or 17 inch. Nothing really wrong with my Grizzly horse other than its size and weight. It was an interesting problem to get a 300# DP upon on a Shop Fox mobile base. A floor jack, blocks, and some pushing and pulling got it on.

    Have fun with your new toy.

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    Glen, congrats!

    I got one on sale earlier for my Steel City press and really like it. Here the fence is just laying on the table, while the press is pushed back into it's cubby hole. I'm sure you'll like it.

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    Congrats, Glenn. The jig gods do smile on store-bought jigs, especially if they're on sale.

    I'd probably have that table or one like it if I had a drill press worthy of it.
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