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Thread: My woodworking Friends

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    My woodworking Friends

    I thought this was pretty neat. A year or so ago I put this together. Now I understand that these are woodworking friends from another forum, (wood online) but what I think was neat was the way you get to see other woodworkers toiling in their shops. It's like a snapshot in time and nothing more. I don't think this is in violation of any rules, and someday I would like to do the same thing for this forum.

    I forgot I had this on my website, but every time I watch it, it brings a smile to my face. Perhaps it will you to as well.

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    Very cool, Travis. I think something like this for Family Woodworking would be neat. I know you've mentioned this in the past and it didn't seem to get much steam. Here's hoping your post here will spark others' interest.
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    That is a very cool production! Who/what is the song playing in the background? I have to say that on my tinny laptop speakers I had a rough time with the vocals, but it does have a good beat! I'll have to listen to it when I get home in a week or so.

    I agree with Vaughn, that would be a fun thing to see for the members here, maybe for our 1st anniversary celebration.


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