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Thread: It is time to get a new nail gun!!

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    It is time to get a new nail gun!!

    So here is the deal. My 1958 rambler has some less than beautiful aluminum siding on it, but under this metal disaster is the original cedar shake siding. This summer the metal is coming off and the cedar is going to be repaired/replaced as needed. I am going to do the windows and doors at the same time. My question now is about siding nailers. I am looking at three: the Bostitch n66c, hitachi nv65ah, and the makita an611. Which is the best? The Makita is on sale @amazon right now for $279. Should I jump on that price? Help!!!!!


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    i have used a few guns and matt is right on the weight adds upafter the day is over but the quality is somewhere in the weight factor to, i havnt had any history on makita guns but have used both bostich and hitachi in other models. do not have a siding gun period, but have 3 hitachis and would buy another. senco is good to. and i know they make a siding gun that i have had good reveiws on.
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