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Thread: Jobsite Shopvac Mini Cyclone Upgrade

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    Jobsite Shopvac Mini Cyclone Upgrade

    My Dungeon shopvac has a mini cyclone on it that I built and it is very tall and very tippy, it works well in the Dungeon because it has a limited footprint and sits in one spot most of the time, but taking it to a jobsite, nope, not a good idea. A while back I bought a shopvac that I would take to the jobsite with me, it works OK, but there are a couple of things wrong with it; first, it fills up really quickly, I have to empty it sometimes twice a day if I'm doing a lot of cutting, this is messy and I don't want to do it in a customer's home, secondly the wheels are awful, the are tiny and won't even bump over their own cord.

    Well I got a new mini cyclone here cheap and a 5 meter long hose for the shop vac as well.

    Here is the cart I built for the set up.

    When I'm using the Festool track saw I can set the saw on top of the vacuum itself between cuts.

    Nothing you have not seen before, but I thought I'd share just the same.

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    Nice! Looks like that will make things easier to transport and deal with the fill-up issue.

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    Love having a mini cyclone on a mini shopvac. I've got one I use for sanding and the shop vac stays so clean and dust free its not funny.
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    So which is better, min cyclone or a Thien baffle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Brubacher View Post
    So which is better, min cyclone or a Thien baffle?
    The cyclone. I've had both, and the cyclone is MUCH better.
    Jim D.
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    Nice setup. For scale, is that a 20 litre pail?

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