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Thread: Vanity pre-build issues.

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    Vanity pre-build issues.

    15 years ago I remodeled our main bathroom. I must plead ignorance and budget for how it turned out. Looked great for the first 5 years and then the stapled drawers started to fall apart. (Repairing multiple times and struggling with putting a bow tie on a pig kind of feeling) It's been falling apart more and more and the coup-d-grace was my better half stuffing too much stuff under the sink against the low quality pvc (former owner) pipes causing a pin hole leak under the vanity that caused everything to swell up. I discovered the leak when the bathroom door started hitting the transition where it should have had a 1/4" gap. The vanity top also began delaminating.

    Flash forward a few years. I remodeled a half bath into a full and that serves as our main bathroom currently. So lately the disaster bathroom has moved up the to-do list and I have begun the planning with one of my sons who at 13 years has been interested in wood working. My plan was to work with son Mike to teach him how to plan and complete such a project. And do it right. The plumbing is going to be upgraded to Pex. This is going to be difficult given it is in a tight crawl space. The vanity build will be out of solid wood with dovetailed drawers. I am thinking about how to waterproof the vanity pedestal. (base) I may use q-sawn white oak for everything else to match the mirror trim and in-wall medicine cabinet, the 2 things I built right.

    This was the plan and aside from the current issue of no heat in the wood shop which I am in the process of dealing with, I now have to vent...

    2 of my older children who have moved out, went out and bought another particleboard vanity and a cheap vanity top on clearance because the edge is chipped for a "Christmas present for mom" Frankly I blew a cork. I do appreciate their thought but, my son who is one of the 2, knew of my plans and is aggressive by nature. This is an asset when running a organization, which he is good at, but a pain when youth does not listen to the wisdom of experience.

    Now I have to figure out how to extricate myself from the situation...and hopefully not bruise to many feelings.
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    Incorporate what you can from the "gift" and proceed with doing it the right way. Or, turn the gift into a shop cabinet.
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