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Thread: Pipe Clamp Mag Pads

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    Pipe Clamp Mag Pads

    Someone had asked about these from seeing them in another post. Basically just some identically sized and drilled pieces of scrap with a magnet recessed in each one. They provide more surface area for clamping, raise the clamps up to free the handles and the magnets keep them from spinning while you set up.
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    Glenn, that is a heck of a good idea.

    Do you think the magnets might get squeezed when using the clamp. I don't know what effect, if any, squeezing them might have.

    Good thinking....

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    Yeah, since the magnets are the 99 cent store ceramics, I recess them a bit. I also glued them in with latex caulk which has some give. So far no failures and I've cranked 'em down hard. The magnets really only keep the blocks from wandering off base. If you wanted some real grip you could go rare-earth but $$$.

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    This is another good idea! Thanks Glenn
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    Good idea... If you are squeezing tight enough to harm the magnets then you are doing it right. Joints should fit so that the clamps merely hold them snug, not force the issue.

    Another item to add to the Round-2-It list.

    I might add a $0.02 worth of additional bother.... Of you were to apply a coat of finish and perhaps a coat of wax then they might not get glued to the project (if you are as messy with the glueup as I)

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