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Thread: Pet Gate - in process

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    Pet Gate - in process

    I have been thinking about making a pet gate for a while. More than 10 years.

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    Well, My Niki and Chewey both passed and there was no longer a need. My Niki (American Eskimo) still brings me to my knees in tears and sobbing. It is with great pleasure that we are blessed with these friends, even if for too short a time. Niki had the most gentle and loving personality - EVERYBODY - loved her.

    So now, I have 2 new babies. Chip and Dale.

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    NOW - the pet gate is to keep them out of the bedrooms. If I had MY way - they would sleep in bed with us, BUT, I cannot have it MY way - so I need a gate.

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    It's a ways from being done, but I am done for this weekend and the next couple of weekends are family gatherings.

    I am going to make "something" for the window, but I don't know what yet.

    The wood is from a tree I had cut down a couple of years ago and had cut into boards. They were stickered and dried for a few years. I dyed the window frame and braces with Black Transtint - the boards are v-grooved and splined.

    I have not yet put and finish coating. I will do Satin Poly.

    I had Friday off, and it was a low key quiet 4 day weekend. Some family gathering, but I got some nice quality shop time.

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    Great looking gate Leo, good looking pups too.

    To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word boo. Robert Brault

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    Those puppies are really cute and the gate is top notch. Nice job!!

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    Great looking pups and gate, Leo!!!

    Have you thought about putting a piece of glass or acrylic in the "window"? Pups could see through without being able to get through.
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