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Thread: Project number 5

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    Project number 5

    I did this yesterday. Took me 3 hrs from start to finish. This is a gift for my mother for Mothers day.

    This is what I started with:

    I found this on my parents property about a month ago. I had to treat it for bugs and its been sitting.

    Here is the finished project:

    I sealed it with a clear Danish oil.

    I also joined the local turners club for Baltimore on Wed. night.
    George Blevins

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    She is going to love it George. That is one nice bowl. I like the wood and finish. Nice job.
    Bernie W.

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    Way to go, George. Looks like a real challenging piece of wood, and I'd say you won the battle. (Especially considering this is only #5.) I'm betting your mom will be real pleased.
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    George great job. You got to love that spalted wood. I'm sure your mother loved it.

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    Yes, the bowl was a big hit.
    George Blevins

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    Very nice work. That is a great piece of wood also.

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    I really like that artistic stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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    Considering what you started with, all I can say is "WOW"

    Boy, you got some skills here George!

    I also bet you get a lot out of being in the turners club.

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