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Thread: Where do you spray

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    Where do you spray

    I know a few of us are pros and semi pros. I also know most of us do not have a professionally made spray booths. i was wondering what most or you do when it comes to staining, and spraying lacquer. I know a lot take things outside but as it gets cold there is now way to do that.
    How about sharing your techniques and if you have home made rigs/setups post a pic or 2

    Greg H

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    greg, i just blast it where it sits....if there are lotsa parts spread out all over the shop i drape visqueen over the tools and squirt away....tod
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I put in a 16x16 finishing room when I did my 16x64 shop addition a couple of years ago.
    Before that, I sprayed in the main shop. I had to shut everything else down to keep from stirring up dust.
    And those darn june bugs, flies, liked to use a freshly lacquered cabinet panel for a landing strip.

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    I put up a temporary spray booth in a corner of my shop with plastic walls and news paper floor, do not have the room to set up a permanent one.
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    I need a better place to spray also. I used to have a railing (thin conduit) bolted to the ceiling with a pull around clear plastic curtain (like a shower curtain) but since it was up all of the time the plastic would become covered with dust and dirt and it became a real problem.

    I think that what is needed is a temporary set up with an exhaust fan and filter and intake filters that can be taken down in a short time and stored away in a clean area taking up minimum space. I have not seen or been able to come up with a good idea on how to build one that fits these requirements.

    I am hoping that someone here has a good solution.

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    For WB products, i spray in the middle of the shop after i cover everything with plastic/sheets etc. A couple box fans with furnace filters help keep the overspray contained. For NC lacquer i seal 3 box fans in the basement doorway and open a couple windows upstairs.

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