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Thread: Birthday Gloat!!!!!

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    Birthday Gloat!!!!!

    Hi everyone you haven't heard or seen much from my buddy grizzly lately because he has been very busy helping out his dad get his house ready for sale, and then he needed to take care of outside stuff around his house, BUT .......... last weekend he did find some play time in his shop and this is what he made. He made me a beautiful cutting board for my birthday. It is made out of cherry and finished with mineral oil. It is 17" x 20" x 2". He put legs on the top and bottom so it would be easy for me to pick up off the counter from the sides. It's large enough for a nice juicy steak or a small turkey but light enough for me to carry. I got to use it this weekend and I am so thankful for such a nice present. I also enclosed a pic of how he signs his projects. I always want people to know who the creature is of such fine woodworking.
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    That's a very gloatworthy cutting board. Great job Griz, and Happy Birthday, Joan!
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