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Thread: Location of DC - Shop Layout

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    Location of DC - Shop Layout

    Well the addition of a Dust Collector to my basement shop is getting closer...(funding wise, that is).

    In anticipation of this new addition, I have been trying to come up with a good place to put it, once I get the ducting run.
    I'm sure that in the beginning I will be just hooking it up directly to which ever tool I'm using.

    If the price continues to be right, the Steel City 1.5hp, 1200CFM, 1 micron DC will be the one. (5 year warranty )

    I have roughly 3 ideas as to where to put it. Two of them are on indicated on the rough shop layout that I have attached.

    Location 1: The stand the planer is on will be moved alittle to make room if necessary. Then the ducting will go up and be suspended from the overhead floor joists.
    --Is this too close to the gas hotwater tank & forced air furnace?

    Location 2: There is a small area where I could probably put the DC on the other side of the door that leads to the stairs that go up to my back yard. I would end up putting a hole in the door to run the ducting & electircal through. - Not a huge deal, and it would keep the DC out side of the shop, so to speak.
    --It gets very cold on that side of the door in the winter, will this hurt the DC or motor?
    --There is also a good change that mice might get in to that area starting in the fall. I don't want the filter bag (or any other part for that matter) to become the building material for a mouse nest.

    Location 3: (not show in the shop layout) I could move the band saw out some and probably put the DC behind it. Right now the bandsaw is angled slightly toward the table saw. I wasn't able to draw this with the default paint program in Windows. This positioning actually would give the DC more room (behind the bandsaw)than what appears there in the picture.

    Location 4: Your suggestions are welcome for this one !

    The shop and tools aren't to scale, but the placement is accurate.

    Thanks for the input!
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    I am not sure which would be the best place for your DC unit. You might want to look for a larger DC unit then a 1.5hp. The 1200cfm is far from what it is really doing.

    If it where my basement, I would put up a wall to close off the furnace and hot water tank from the shop. Being a forced air system you will be sending dust thruout the house and can clog up the furnace it self.

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