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Thread: Tool Gloat

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    Thumbs up Tool Gloat

    My new Kabota arrived Fri. Don from Bobcat of Duluth showed up about 11 am Fri with all the toys.
    I gave a lot of thought and made many phone calls before I took delivery. As many of you know, forest fires are raging in the area. Fortunately our area generates its own climate. There are no guarantees in life but the fires are about 30 miles away and always moving away from my place.

    Don spent about 1.5 hours stepping through each stage of operation.
    We removed, and put on each attachment. one of them twice.
    The Kabota sells itself but the service is what sold me on this dealer.
    It was A # 1 all the way.
    Thanks Matt and Don from Bobcat of Duluth.
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    nice score tyler!
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    Great looking machine!!

    If you ever need parts......
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    you had me worried in the frist pic tyler i thought you still had snow and was gonna ask how high in elavation you were after buying that tractor nice lookun tool and the seculsion you have as well
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    Way nice!
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    I am jelous, no snow plow with mine. I have the exact same tractor as you. I use it at my beach house on the Texas coast. I wish I had all of the excuses you have for justifing your purchase. If I had told my wife about the potential fires that could come our way, I would have had it 6 months earlier. (I am not trying to downplay the seriousnes of the fires in your area)
    You are going to have alot of fun with your new toy. It is a work horse.


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    Wow! Tyler!
    What a great looking machine. I would have a ball with that thing.
    First thing I would do is level out my lumpy yard!


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    Nice lookin' machine, what kind of woodworking to you do with it?

    I'd love to have one of those one day!

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