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Thread: Shopping for a new bench sander

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    I just don't do sears - have not in many years - but that's another long story.

    The grizzly just looks too light duty to me.

    I like the Porter Cable.
    It's cheaper at Amazon - free shipping

    3/4 HP induction moter
    Cast Iron base
    There may be more, I just didn't dig all that deeply

    I have a big 6x48 with 12" disk from Harbor freight. I use it a LOT, but just the belt part.

    I also have a Craftsman 2" wide belt with 6" disk. I use it a LOT, but again just the belt. I bought it in a yard sale for $35

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    I have a Hitachi I bought on closeout at Lowe's as they were moving to Porter Cable. I bought it for less than a 100 and it looked like exactly the same unit they replaced it with from Porter Cble for almost double that. I am not very fond oif it there is a lot of plastic and you use a lot of room on the belt that is unusable because of the shrouds. It does do a decent job of controlling dust.

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