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Thread: Crown Finish Question

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    Crown Finish Question

    I will be topping the library unit I am building with crown moulding. The room has no crown in it at this time and the room is being used as an office. My clients want crown all the way around the room, but are questioning how to finish it. The crown in the rest of the house is painted white and the crown on the library unit will be stained. Would you stain all of the crown in the room or stain the crown over the builtin and paint the rest of the crown? I will be mimicking the finish of the crown on the base boards.

    Thanks, as always!


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    Hi Ed,
    I have got into the situation where different clients have gone opposite ways. If you use stained all around you have lined off the ceiling and the floor with a horizontal line which stands out as base and crown on a painted wall, making the statement "This room is proud of the base and crown" and what it does in accentuating the floor to wall relationship and
    also the wall to ceiling presence of molding.
    When painted the base and crown no longer have the power of contrast. They become embellishments to the painted walls allowing the a stained piece more prominence but isolation.
    Don't know if this helps but I hope so.
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