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Thread: Dust Collection and Respirator

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    Dust Collection and Respirator

    I have a small shop 20 by 20. I have a HF dust collector ,Wynn filter and Thein tophat separator.It all works pretty good.I need to finish running it to some other tools though. I had thought about venting the dust outside. ( I only have a short run of dc pipe so I use flexible hose.I heard it was better to use a solid pipe and come off of it with the flex to the tools ????)

    Anyhow between the pollen and maybe a little dust from shop...I kinda doubt that I had some allergy problems this weekend. (home from work today...will be fine tomorrow hopefully)So I am double checking myself on my dust collection and my habits whether good or bad.

    I also use this respirator I bought a bunch of the screw in cartridges for it a while back.It seems to work really good. I dont have any dust at all when I use it but I know it cant be as good as a more expensive one. What do you guys use and like??? Thanks for your help!

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    i use a 3m half face mask with the oval screw on filters, for sanding and a papr for spraying finish.. i used to use nothing when sanding just relied on the vacuum so suck up the dust but as i have gotten older the dust from sanding by hand or machine even a lot of sawing will stuff me up now.. so i try to keep it down with the air cleaner running and the respirator on me instead of the hook.
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    Larry I use one with screw on filters for fine particles and a homemade air cleaner.The homemade one grabs a lot of sawdust.I use it at the lathe and when I am sanding it really pulls it to it.I put an attic fan in it.

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