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Thread: First projects

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    First projects

    I am new at the lathe thing but here are a few of the things that I made in the last couple of weeks. Please keep the heckling to a minimum. Just kidding constructive criticism is welcome.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cherry bowl.jpg   locust.jpg   NE bowl.jpg   ring holder 1.jpg   ring holder 2.jpg  


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    For a newbie at the lathe, those look pretty good! I just recently started playing on a lathe myself and have only done 1 bowl. Here you are turning boxes with fitted lids! What kind of bowl gouge do you have? I just used a round scraper on the one I did.

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    Hey Shawn, welcome to the family!

    Your turnings look good for a beginner, we were all at this stage at some point, you will certainly improve, if this is your "Newbie" stuff!

    Your picture taking, needs some work (I know, I'm an expert, I suck at taking good pics ) it is hard to do right, you don't have to spend a ton of money, but buy making or buying a photo tent and getting some lights that are the right ones for picture taking, you can really do your work justice, I'm struggling with this as well.

    One thing I cannot fault is your selection of wood, nice stuff, can you give us a run down on which pieces are made from which wood?
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    Shawn nice work the only problem is the pictures are to dark to appreciate your work. Keep it up .Ken

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    Thanks for the comments. The wood is as follows from left to right. Cherry, Locust, Cherry, Maple, Walnut.

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    Shawn those are some mighty fine looking pieces. Great job for doing lathe work as a beginner. We have all been there. Keep'em coming.
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    Welcome to the family, Shawn.

    I'll echo what the other guys have said...great job, especially for just starting out. We'll save the heckling for when you post something that deserves it.
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    Thanks guys. I didn't realize how dark the pics. were until I got to work and looked at them. You can hardly see my favorite one (the N.E. bowl). Ed the bowl gouge that I have is the 1/4 in. fingernail bowl gouge by Pinnacle. I just ordered the Monster Deluxe kit today though. That should be fun to use.

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    Those are some great projects! Thanks for posting them. Keep 'em coming!

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    Great job on your "early masterpieces"!

    As far as photographing your work, sometimes it works well to use "artfully draped" fabric for a backdrop as you have done. At other times, it's best to have no shadows or creases at all. A great way to do that is with a light tent, but what if you don't have one? It was a revelation to me when I learned about this simple method, which a lot of eBayers use.

    In fact, this method is even used INSIDE light tents; the tent serves mostly to diffuse the light source for an even better tone....

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