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Thread: I want to turn Dogwood

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    I want to turn Dogwood

    Questions on what cuts to make ?
    This sump is dried out and ready to cut.
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    Looks like it might have metal in it from a wire nursery ball? Really depends on what you want to do with it. I'd slice it down the middle lengthwise just to see what the innards look like. Those end checks probably go pretty deep, but if you stabilize it might be OK. Dogwood is pretty bland although I've never tried to open up a root ball. Might make good pot strikers.

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    Good eye Ted, that cable and bolts makes me nervous about what else might be in there.

    I didn't realize it was that hard of a wood! Hmm... will definitely have to keep my eye open for some.. could be real handy for a few high wear projects.

    Apparently there isn't much real heartwood so I guess optimize the cuts for yield around the hardware and cracks (and for your project size).
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    I've turned plenty of Dogwood. It turns fine. But, it is a very hard wood. I've made gavels from it since it is so durable. However, that hunk you have would cause me to toss it in the discard pile. No way am I going to put power tools to stuff with steel and wire in it.
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