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Thread: air fryer opinions

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    Don't know. Will look later. Found a deal at the local Target.

    Found it. It is a Power AirFryer XL. Made by Tristar Products.

    And I found a recipe book in the paper work. Still interested in others' recipes and experiences.
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    Last night I tried out the air fryer for the first time doing some toasted chick peas.

    The process was:

    1) To drain the chick peas, add a 1 tbsp of olive oil with them in a bowl and mix well
    2) Cook in the air fryer for 15 minutes @ 400*
    3) Remove and pour back into your mixing bowl
    4) Mix another 1 tbsp of olive oil with seasonings (in my case BBQ rub, onion powder, and a little more salt)
    5) Place back into the fryer for another 5 minutes @ 350*

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They were good, but a little over done for my liking, but were crispy all the way through and could have used more seasoning. Will give it another try at a little lower temp and play around with the seasonings a bit.

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    This is interesting, I looked at buying one of these a few months ago when the old fryer gave up the ghost but was put off by lots of reviews that said that they weren't any good at chips (fries) which would be one of the main reasons for getting one
    Reading through this it seems that may not be quite true, not a fan of oven chips at all but it looks like some of you are doing real potato fries in them

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